Low-Cost Voucher Application

For the safety of your pet, please be completely honest in your answers to the above questions. The health of your pet is very important to us, so we have to know about any current or previous health issues. There are risks that come along with any procedure involving anesthesia. These risks can range from nausea and diarrhea to death. While serious complications are rare, they can occur, especially if your pet has undiagnosed illnesses.

We can only do pets up to the age of four through our approved vet; however, we can send your personal vet a voucher for the amount we would pay our approved vet.
Your co-pay will range from $30 to $110 if you go through our approved vet and will cover the surgery, vaccines and long lasting pain shot. You understand that we, the Spay-Neuter Coalition of New Mexico, do not cover any type of aftercare or complications, such as infection. It is your responsibility as the owner to carefully follow all aftercare instructions as provided by the vet.

If you would rather submit your application by mail you can print & sign the application AND liability waiver to: Spay-Neuter Coalition of New Mexico, P.O. Box 2352, Los Lunas, NM 87031

Liability Waiver SNCNM Application