Call Your Legislators to Support Bill to Clear the Shelters!

Imagine the Valencia County Shelter having only a handful of pets in it. Although we still have a ways to go, this possiblility is one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to Animal Protection Voters and a few citizens who wish to out think our state’s pet overpopulation problem.

Yesterday, a bill was put forth by a very savvy group from our state, Animal Protection Voters – a bill that would pay for approximately 6,500 spay/neuters in New Mexico each year – HB 123. It passed the House Tax and Revenue Committe and within a matter of just a few days will go to the House floor for voting.

So this bill would put a small yearly fee of $100 on each type of pet food a manufacturer sells in our state. The pet food manufacters sell $110 million worth of pet food in New Mexico. Since $100 is so minimal compared to the $110 million they make on pet owners here, it would most likely not be passed on in the retail price. If for some reason it was passed on, it would cost each pet household $1.48 per year. That’s $1.48 that I wouldn’t mind paying to see shelter cages empty and our children safe from unfixed, roaming dogs.

Each year, approximately 65,000 pets are euthanized in our state. Let’s say “yes” to shelter lifesaving and support this bill. Please call your legislature TODAY and let them know you support HB-123. For more information on the bill, visit’s website. Also to find your legislator in the House of Representatives, go to