How Do We Find our Furry Customers & Other things….

Just got to thinking, as we near issuing our 160th voucher this year – just who are we helping and how did we get there? Well, you may think since we have such an active Facebook page (and if you aren’t on it, please join us there!) that we are helping those who find us on Facebook. Well, we are getting some word-of-mouth referrals from Facebook, but the majority of our customers come from the Valencia County shelter staff.

What a wonderful staff it is, with all the new changes and upgrades, we are pleased to have a good relationship and share common goals with the Valencia County Animal Shelter. The front desk and the Animal Control Officers provide our contact information to residents whenever they can, hitting the areas that need it the most, including the underserved Meadow Lakes area. We also are surveying our customers when they apply and after their pet’s surgery, with the goal to improve the chance that they will fix their other and any future pets as well as help spread the word that spay neuter is the right thing to do!

On a different note, we have our bi-annual garage sale coning up on Saturday, October 21st. We would love your help with the sale that day and before with donations, or if you’d like to just stop and shop — please come by! It will be at Milavec Realty, Inc., 3627 Hwy 47 in Peralta, NM. We hope to see you there!