Our Fall Sale

Last weekend was a beautiful Fall weekend which we shared with volunteers and friends from Valencia county. We had over 15 volunteers help us set up, sell and tear down a community garage sale where we made over $1,000 for our program. We are pleased to see that so many residents come out to support our cause, whether thru donations or volunteering.

Our average cost is about $125 per surgery, so we have to sell a lot of chotchkies to make one less litter happen. And with nearly 500 animals entering the Valencia County Animal Shelter last month it seems that we still have alot more work to do. Sometimes it is just discouraging, but we have seen so much progress at the shelter over the past few years and are also encouraged with the number of people who are really starting to notice the problem and have come out to help.

With the holidays on their way, we hope to see more adoption at the shelter and transfers to Colorado. The October stats will be out soon, so watch our Facebook page for the update.