Breaking Records and Bringing Love

We did it folks, with phenomenal support from individual donors and grants, we surpassed our whole last year’s number of dogs fixed with over 149 surgeries performed to date!

Here are two young pups you have helped this year…. Meet Diamond & Haily, two pit bull puppies. Not the easist start to their lives did they have, but a happy ending and lots of love came back to them. Both Diamond & Haily were unlucky and caught the deadly virus parvo as puppies, but with the help of their caring human, Leann, they recovered fully. Leann was unable to afford to fix her pit bulls, but was determined to find a way. She found us and qualified for our low-income, reduced-cost, spay neuter vouchers…and now Diamond & Haily are both fixed and have a better chance to live a longer, healthier life! 

Last year we were able to fix 137 dogs and prevent countless more puppies from entering our shelters. With still five months to go, can you help us reach our goal of 250 fixed dogs?