Passion without Puppies

2019 is definately here and we are in full swing with one month of success so far! We have 11 months left to reach our goal of 400 dogs. February is also National Spay Neuter Awareness Month with many shelters and spay and neuter nonprofits spreading the word of passion without puppies.

January was off to a great start with 18 spay and neuters. We had 10 spays (female dogs) and 8 neuters (male dogs). Our goal is to fix an average of 17-18 dogs per month with help from our friends, like you!

The shelter admission went up 7% in 2018 from 4,787 dogs & cats entering the shelter in 2017 to 5,136 in 2018. It is costing the county taxpayer’s about $200 per animal to round-up, house, feed, re-home or euthanize a pet. Our average cost for surgery is $120, with one surgery preventing multiple plus litters from entering the shelter. As you also may have heard, the shelter had 65 puppies admitted in just one week this past month!

As I reflect on this, I have to take a deep pause and remember, it takes a little bit more time to see the impact a group like ours will have on a community. As we only started our voucher program in 2016, we still have more work to do & a few more deep breaths to take!

Our goal is to make Valencia County a kinder and safer place for dogs. Please make sure you have signed up for our new email newsletter, so you can stay informed of our progress.

Thank you for believing in us and helping us get there – one paw print at a time!