About Us & Why Low Cost Spay Neuter Is The Only Answer

In early 2015, five women from Valencia County and one from the Albuquerque area came together to make a difference for dogs needlessly being euthanized in New Mexico. Tired of constantly fostering dogs and pleading the shelter and our friends to adopt or save just one more, we decided to believe that we can do this and that change is possible and tackle our huge problem of dog overpopulation ourselves.

We believe that in this century, no pets should be put down in our country because they are not wanted. Spay and neuter is the answer and it is right in front of us! Our sheltering system needs to change- our taxpayer money needs to go toward spay and neuter. But until this broken system changes, we are fundraising for and getting low-income owned dogs fixed. Don’t worry, we love cats too, but there are some excellent organizations already helping fix them here in this state, thankfully!

Our goal is to live in a state (and ultimately country) where no unwanted or lost adoptable pet is euthanized and low cost, accessible spay neuter, shots and microchiping services are readily available. We have started in our own backyard, servicing low-income residents of Valencia County. Won’t you help us make a change?

We have a number of amazing supporters, please see Our Friends.

Our Mission

“The Spay-Neuter Coalition of NM reduces overpopulation and euthanization of healthy dogs and improves the welfare of animals in the community. We work with the community to provide and support existing resources that benefit both animals and people. We use our hands on projects for community education, spay/neuter and to inspire policy, legislation and enforcement.”

The Costly Reality of Leaving Pets Unfixed

The Valencia County Animal Shelter employees do everything possible to place adoptable dogs and cats in good homes or with rescues; but with the way the current sheltering system is sturctured and with the overpopulation of dogs and cats in this county, not all of them are saved.

The financial ramifications are also a major concern. In the 2018 almost $1 million was spent on animal control and sheltering in the county, with taxpayers paying for approximately $200 per pet entering the shelter. This problem can be easily solved by preventing unwanted litters of puppies and kittens by spaying and neutering dogs and cats at a young age.

Each of our spay and neuter surgeries averages $100 and can go up to $250 for high risk dogs. Your donation is tax deductable as we are incorporated by the State of NM as a 501c3/nonprofit.

Our Financials

We are proud to say that only 2.5% of our total revenue is overhead. The rest all goes to the dogs!
2018 Financials

Leading Ladies with a Mission

Faith Richards, President
Faith has been volunteering with shelters and rescues for the past 10 years.  Her dream is to see happy, healthy companion animals, empty shelters and affordable programs for pet owners in NM. Faith and her husband, Wayne live in Los Lunas with their furkids. She spends her spare time trying to finish her first novel.


Dovey was our co-founder and president until she passed in 2017. This little blind, chocolate dapple dachshund was bred every heat without the correct care or nutrition for most of her life until she ended up abandoned in a shelter. Luckily, a wonderful rescue came and saved her right in the nick of time! Dovey never had to be a mama again, she preferred to be the baby of the family. She worked hard to remind everyone that perfect, purebred furkids land in shelters everyday. She wanted to do all she could to ensure that all furry kids know love, comfort and experience the greatness of cheese. Dovey passed at 14, the toll of being over bred caught up with her, causing diseases late in life, she passed gently in her furmomma’s arms. She continues to inspire her human, Faith, to do everything she can to honor Dovey’s legacy by giving every dog a chance to live a life of love and leisure as well as prevent more unwanted pups to be born.

Sharon Bice, Vice President
Ever since being a Girl Scout, Sharon has enjoyed volunteering at her local municipal shelter and finding homes for many dogs and cats.  She envisions a day when spay and neuter will be low-cost and easily accessible nationwide and shelters are utilized to help find homes for dogs from other countries like Mexico. Sharon has two personal dogs, Grahm, a terrier mix from the Valencia Shelter and Angel, a Hairless Chinese Crested, from Lap Dog Rescue. She can also be found in the mountains enjoying life riding her beloved horses.

GailMercer, Treasurer
Gail is an 8 year resident of Peralta. She is married, has two dogs Boomer and Sophie that were rescued from the shelter. Gail also works full time at the University of New Mexico. She has been volunteering at the shelter for the last few years helping take pictures of first the dogs and now devoting her time with the cats. Gail is hoping that we can find ways to reach out to Valencia County residents to help them understand the importance of the spay/neuter to bring pet overpopulation down.

Kristine Mather-McRae, Secretary
Kristine is a dog person who loves cats, and has been involved in pet rescue for most of the 27 years living in New Mexico. For nearly 15 years Kristine has been with HART of Valencia County, along with SNIP. She is very excited to be with the Coalition, an organization working to solve the problem of pet overpopulation in this state, and change the culture of neglect and abuse.  Kristine has a cat named Snapper. She’s 14, very mellow, and a big sweet love!

Valerie Buckingham, Event Coordinator
Valerie is a lifelong resident of Valencia county who has always had a passion for animals and their wellbeing. Growing up in Valencia County, Valerie saw first hand negative effects of pet overpopulation and knew she wanted to help but wasn’t sure how. After discovering the SNCNM, Valerie decided to join the team and focus on coordinating and organizing fundraising events. Valerie and her husband have two small children, whom she desires to educate and involve in a way she hoped to as a child. Valerie also has two fur babies, Ollie and Heidi!