Help Us Raise Funds with our Community Garage Sale This Weekend!

Due to a lack of funding, we have temporarily suspended our all-breed spay neuter program.  We are hoping for a good deal of donations and sales from our community garage sale this Saturday, Sept 10th from 8-2pm at 235 Main St. in Los Lunas. If you have anything to sell and would like to donate, […]

Our 2016 Resolution

  We are off to a running start with our first spay neuter clinic coming up this month, January 29-31st. With funding from Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue, and other supporters including theValencia County Animal Shelter, CARE & the Pueblo of Isleta and our generous community we were able help in the process of spaying and neutering over […]

Top 5 Reasons to Spay Neuter

The top five reasons to spay neuter your pet: 1. Live Longer. Intact pets have higher odds of getting certain cancers and urinary tract infections. 2. No More Roaming. Pets are less likely to go looking for a mate and be hit by a car. 3. Happier Pets. A fixed pet is not as stressed thus […]