Have Questions? – How Can Help You Fix Your Pet

Not sure where to go to receive low cost spay neuter and vaccine services?  We can help you, please fill out the form below if you are in Valencia County. If you live in Albuquerque, you may qualify for low cost or free spay neuter services. If you have a pit bull or chihuahua and live in Albuquerque, there are free spay neuter and shots and microchip services available. See the city’s website at www.cabq.gov/pets/programs-services/spay-neuter. If you are in a different New Mexico county, please email us spayneuternm@gmail.com or see go to the website www.spaynm.org

Please fill out the form in full and we either process your request or send your information on to the right program for your needs. All programs are for those who fall under the federal low income guidelines. If you make more than that and need help getting your pet fixed, please email us at: spayneuternm@gmail.com to discuss.