How To Submit An Application


  1. You must be a Valencia county resident.
  2. Proof of household income of no more than $40,000 per year. We accept anything that shows your annual household income. Some examples are: a copy of last year’s W-2, 2-3 consecutive pay-stubs, letter from your employer, Social Security Award letter or work force unemployment card. Please feel free to black out any personal information such as Social Security numbers or Tax ID numbers. We just need your name and address on the document. If the document is in another name, just please include a note with your relationship to the person. We, nor any grantors will not share your personal information; it is only used to qualify you for the program.
  3. Fill out Application (online application or printable version below)
  4. Recent photo of your dog – The picture may be used for fundraising or marketing purposes as all of our services are donated. More information is listed in the pet photo waiver reduction form.
  5. Sign Liability Waiver (at end of online application or can be printed below)

Please keep in mind that if your pet is over the age of 4 additional charges may apply due to illness, blood work and or if your male is cryptorchid (if one or both testicles are retained in the abdomen) the copayment will be higher. If you are unsure if your pet has a retained testicle, please contact the vet on listed on your voucher and see if they will see your pet prior to making an appointment for the procedure.


Online Application


If you would prefer to mail or email your your application in, please return the three documents below and your proof of income to or you can mail it to us at, Spay-Neuter Coalition of NM, PO Box 2352, Los Lunas, NM 87031.

  1. Voucher Application
  2. Liability Waiver
  3. Photo Waiver


How long does it take to receive a voucher?:

As soon as we receive your paperwork, we will go over it and contact you to let you know if you have qualified. If so, we will let you know what your co-pay will be and send the voucher directly to you and a copy to the vet. At that time, you will have 30 days to call and schedule an appointment for your pet(s).  Please keep in mind that we are limited by funding, so the faster we get your complete application, the better the chance we will not have to put you on a wait list.

Additional improtant details:

Your co-pay will range from$30-$120 based on income level and services. Please note, if there are health issues copayments may go as high as $120.

Your voucher may be fully or partially subsidized by a grant. Information such as your name, zip code, income level in $10,000 increments, and your pet’s information will be shared with them upon their request. They will not share any of your information.

Please bathe your pet prior to surgery and make sure they are flea and tick free. If your dog has ticks or shows signs of tick borne illness, you will be turned away until your dog receives treatment. This is because tick diseases cause excessive bleeding during surgery. Treatment consists of removing ticks carefully, making sure you get the heads to prevent infection or disease (do not attempt to burn them off or use chemicals as it doesn’t dislodge the ticks, but will cause them to regurgitate its contents back into your pet, this causes infection and disease), spot on treatment and an antibiotic if your pet is showing signs of illness. If you are unable to afford the spot on treatment and/or antibiotics, please contact us, we may be able to help.