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We provide low-cost vouchers for spay and neuter, vaccines & microchip for dogs in Valencia County. If you have a cat, you can contact the Zimmer Feline Foundation at 505-466-1676.

Top 5 Reasons to Spay/Neuter

1. Live Longer. Intact pets have higher odds of getting certain cancers and urinary tract infections.

2. No More Roaming. Pets are less likely to go looking for a mate and be hit by a car.

3. Happier Pets. A fixed pet is not as stressed thus cutting down or eliminating behaviors such as marking, howling and aggression.

4. Happier Neighbors. Intact dogs that get loose are more likely to bite, spread disease, damage property and reproduce.

5. Stops Animal Overpopulation. Shelters are full of adoptable dogs & cats who are euthanized for space which costs taxpayers millions.


Is it better to have one litter before spaying a female pet?

Medical evidence indicates just the opposite. In fact, the evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier. Many veterinarians now sterilize dogs and cats as young as eight weeks of age. Check with your veterinarian about the appropriate time for these procedures.

Will my dog be protective after surgery?

It is a dog’s natural instinct to protect home and family. A dog’s personality is formed more by genetics and environment than by sex hormones.

Will my male dog or cat feel like less of a male?

Pets don’t have any concept of sexual identity or ego. Neutering will not change a pet’s basic personality. He doesn’t suffer any kind of emotional reaction or identity crisis when neutered.

Will my pet get fat and lazy?

The truth is that most pets get fat and lazy because their owners feed them too much and don’t give them enough exercise.

But my dog (or cat) is so special, I want a puppy (or kitten) just like her.

Your pet’s puppies or kittens have an unlikely chance of being a carbon copy of your pet. Even professional breeders cannot make this guarantee. There are shelter pets waiting for homes who are just as cute, smart, sweet, and loving as your own.

Isn’t it easy to find good homes for all the puppies and kittens?

You may find homes for your pet’s puppies and kittens. But you can only control what decisions you make with your own pet, not the decisions other people make with theirs. Your pet’s puppies and kittens, or their puppies or kittens, could end up in an animal shelter, as one of the many homeless pets in every community competing for a home. Will they be one of the lucky ones?

Will spay neuter laws will negatively impact responsible breeders?

Spay neuter laws will actually benefit responsible breeders by increasing the amount they can charge for their puppies and helping to keep their bloodlines pure. The goal is to bring the laws up to the standards of a responsible breeder.

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